It cannot have escaped your attention; privacy is a hot topic. It is all over the newspapers. The General Data Protection Regulation (Dutch abbreviation: AVG) has been in effect since 25 May 2018 and can actually be enforced by the Dutch Data Protection Authority from that date onwards. It is important for businesses and institutions that are not yet in compliance with the AVG to get their affairs in order as soon as possible. Every organisation that processes personal data falls under the new legislation. The General Data Protection Regulation is in effect wherever personal data is processed, whether it concerns personal data of (contact persons of your) clients or suppliers or employees of the organisation.

Privacy law is subject to constant change and the many so-called “open standards” in the legislation are expected to be filled in by policy rules and instructions from the various authorities (in the Netherlands: the Dutch Data Protection Authority) and by court rulings.

You naturally also want your organisation to be in compliance, but how do you achieve that? And how will you stay up to date in the future? The required expertise may not be available in-house or you may be understaffed. Does this sound familiar? Then we are happy to assist you.

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