Dutch Privacy Officers (DPOs) can familiarise you with the applicable laws and regulations; using a practical and pragmatic approach, they offer you specific guidance to ensure your organisation is in line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.  We do not do this from a distance, from behind our desks. We offer you tailor-made services, on-site within your organisation.

Our experienced consultants are available to be deployed as privacy officers (data protection officers) in your business or institution. They can assist you in drawing up, assessing and negotiating processors’ agreements and contracts with suppliers and users, for example, but they can also help you to formulate a privacy and cookie policy or report potential issues to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (e.g. in the event of a data leak).


Expertise from several disciplines is required in order to deal correctly with the issue of privacy. This includes expertise in the field of IT, legal affairs, compliance and risk management and audits, for example.

These are therefore the areas of expertise for which we can provide consultants who have a track record as experts in their respective fields. Do you temporarily require an interim professional in the field of privacy or related areas such as audit, risk management, legal, compliance, IT security, contract management, et cetera? We can supply the solution for you.

The various expertise partners on whom we can rely guarantee service provision at the level of quality you are looking for.


The training programmes we offer – in-house if required – range from awareness training programmes to specific General Data Protection Regulation training programmes for HRM, the management board or supervisory bodies, for example.

Our training programmes are always ‘tailor-made’ in order to meet the specific requirements of our clients. You can contact us about this without any obligation. We will come back to you to discuss the options.

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