Have we inspired you to want to work at DPO?  We are recruiting!

Are you ready for a new adventure? Do you know how to guide organisations in the implementation of privacy legislation? Do you have a sense of relationships in larger organisations and are you able to establish order from chaos? Then we would be pleased to hear from you!

  • Role
  • Training level
  • Location
  • Privacy Consultant
  • Higher professional education (Dutch abbreviation: HBO)
  • Randstad


Dutch Privacy Officers (DPO) is a young, ambitious organisation that specialises in assisting its clients in the field of privacy in the broadest sense of the word. In the role of privacy accountant, you will work for various clients. Projects will differ in terms of duration and scope and they generally support the Finance, IT, Legal, Regulatory Affairs and/or Compliance departments. These departments are actively responsible for the implementation of and compliance with (inter)national legislation and regulations as well as guidelines in the field of privacy and data protection (data privacy) for both clients, employees and other parties involved with the organisation.

Some of the tasks and responsibilities of the organisation include:

  • The translation of data privacy laws and regulations into specific tools for the daily operations of our clients.
  • Keeping standard data privacy documentation and contracts up to date, and this applies to data processing agreements in particular (DPA).
  • Providing internal “awareness” training.
  • Coordinating and/or implementing periodical privacy impact assessments.
  • Drawing up a record of process activities.
  • Being involved in the handling and following up of calamities such as data leaks.
  • Professionalising and maintaining governance with respect to the processing of personal data in consultation with various departments.
  • Monitoring and, where necessary, informing internal clients about relevant legal developments and/or decisions.

Managing external specialists in the field of privacy, where necessary.

The organisation

DPO is a unique partnership of three parties that combine both substantive knowledge and access to a large network. The client portfolio is diverse and includes organisations and institutions that are strongly committed to privacy. Many of our partners have an international focus and are active abroad, and they are mainly located in the Randstad, the conurbation of Western Holland. DPO has a pool of excellent and qualified consultants and specialists in the field of compliance, risk management, audit, IT, security, contract management, data protection and privacy regulation.

This is what you may expect from the organisation:

  • A good salary with excellent variable remuneration.
  • Working in a dynamic environment, where entrepreneurship, initiative and cooperation are shared values.
  • Training options that enable you to continue to develop in the privacy domain.
  • Challenging projects both in profit and non-profit environments.
  • Support from a specialised law firm when performing your assignments.
  • Monthly contact meetings to exchange ideas with colleagues.
  • Flexibility to shape your own career at organisations that appeal to you.

This is what the organisation may expect from you:

  • You will have successfully completed a study programme at the level of higher professional education or at university level, in the legal field, in business administration or in public administration.
  • You will have at least three years of work experience, preferably in a role where issues to do with privacy/compliance played a part.
  • You have a passion for everything to do with privacy, and you are willing to continue to develop in the privacy domain, including jurisprudence.
  • You will have good communicative and advisory skills, both in Dutch and English.
  • You are resilient under stress, results-oriented and pragmatic and you have a ‘can do’ mentality.
  • You will be able to cooperate at various levels and act as a sounding board for clients as well as a critic holding up a mirror to them.
  • You are able to perform project-based work and handle several projects at the same time.

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