Organisations that profile themselves as specialists in the field of General Data Protection Regulation are mushrooming. It is not uncommon for providers to use the fears of clients as a basis for their services, and providers have even been known to state they can provide a GDPR quality label or work together with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

These are fables; there is no such quality label nor does the Data Protection Authority work with commercial parties. It is therefore up to you to assess what safeguards should be in place in your organisation in order to ensure that you are in ‘compliance’ and can explain – if requested – to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, or to individuals whose personal data you process, what choices you have made for what reasons. What personal data do you process, how long do you store it, who has access to it, are processor’s agreements in place where required, how do you handle a potential data leak, et cetera. You will have peace of mind when you know you have deployed experienced professionals here. You can focus on your core business while we support you in this area.

A legal expertise partner with an excellent reputation

What is unique about our service provision is that our consultants (and therefore your organisation) can rely on a team of experienced legal professionals in the field of privacy with an excellent reputation. Indeed, the renowned law firm Valegis Advocaten (www.valegis.com) is available 24/7 as a knowledge partner for our consultants.

Our consultants are trained in close cooperation with Valegis and receive ongoing training. In the event of complex legal issues, calamities (think of a data leak) or when proceedings threaten, they can take rapid action via short lines of communication with the experienced privacy law lawyers who work there. Needless to say, this firm will only be deployed when this is required. Should it appear that you require a lawyer in a relevant case, this firm will naturally only undertake an assignment following prior consultation with and on your behalf.

International active partner

To support our customers and prospective Customers, our consultants work closely together with Claranet to improve their security and  IT infrastructures. Claranet is an IT expert  and has many years of experience with a wide range of services like (online) workspaces, networks, managed hosting & cloud and various security services. Claranet specializes in providing integrated IT solutions for organizations where continuity of key processes depend on IT. The security and continuity of business-critical data and systems is a primary concern. Claranet has certifications for the highest quality and security standards, including ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and ISAE 3402/2 for information security management systems. Claranet BeNeLux is part of an international Group of companies and is active in eight countries on two continents.

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